Visit the past

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Instead of dreaming the experience,

The project
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One past day....

... when i was walking on Brouage citadel's fortifications, greeding fresh and iodine winds of this wonderfull place born from hand and mind of men, and wearing it's heavy history, i started to dream.
Dream to jump back 300 years before and becoming the witness of those times life. Knowing the times these huge pieces of stone i had in front of me, knew. Beeing the witness of events that occured in this magic place built from might and will and sceneplayed by parts of lifes that came here
and faded, leaving behind them no other traces but the vestiges filling my eyes. So bad man h'sn't discovered time trip yet...

This idea turned in my mind all day long. My long experience in creating immersive virtual realities might have been the reason for this. Always i've been told:" It's impossible, It has already been done, it's too much work, too much time and money to spend, for a too deceiving result...".
The 'impossible' must always be considered, as future is written nowhere. I took with me my 3 most faithfull tools -my old keyboard, my display and my mouse- and i started a long time of try-and-redo
work and ideas prototyping. Most of them had to be thrown away, but little by little, after months passed i kept some few elements that seemed promising and on wich i built vertice per vertice, what i show on this website: A virtual time machine.

Followed by Kleiô, the Greek muse of men's history, keeper of the past times, you will discover the result of the humble researches i realized not on Brouage, but on La Rochelle. this town where i was born, wearing so silently it's rich and stormy past history.

Therefore, i sent Brouage to future times, but it will also have it's virtual resurrection. In the meanwhile, i really hope the XIIIth century of La Rochelle's virtual world will seduce you and will bring you where your curiosity takes you to.

Have a nice trip.

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