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Kleioscope ?
Kleioscope, what is this strange name ?

It's the resulting merge of two greek rooting words. Kleio is the greek name of the muse of History, and 'scopein' wich mean 'observe'. The Kleioscope is the observation and the discovery of the history told by her muse.

The Kleioscope is the name given to a computer tool based on 3D and latest computing technology like virtual reality allowing everyone to discover and visit in freedom, on the home computer, the places of our history and their buildings that have disappeared today.

The 4 keyborad arrow keys in association with the mouse are the only tools that allow the user moving freely around the virtual scene. The visit can therefore be done quietly on the home computer at each one's rythm.

Along the time and developments, the puclic will gain access to new places to visit and discover thanks to the Kleioscope.

The Kleioscope is today the only tool allowing to give the experience of a visit in total freedom, of a place that d'ont exist anymore. It's meant to be easily usable by the masses with it's view in a first person like. Thanks to those advantages, the Kleioscope is the tool that younger and olders can use for diving in past places.

Seduced ? Then go to the  3D demo page

                             And have a nice visit !

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Kleïo ???????
Time passes and takes us away from the history where our roots dive.

This lost legacy is made accessible to all through virtual reality technology.

This is what the Kleioscope offers you. Dive in the simulation and discover those lost places of our history. You'll be back with the remind of a unique experience...
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