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Kleioscope ?
Que signifie ce nom ? Qu'est-ce que le Kleioscope ?
La Rochelle médiévale visite La Rochelle tourisme
visite de La Rochelle visite virtuelle découverte patrimoine historique
Time passes and takes us away from the history where our roots dive.

This lost legacy is made accessible to all through virtual reality technology.

This is what the Kleioscope offers you. Dive in the simulation and discover those lost places of our history. You'll be back with the remind of a unique experience...
Visit the past
Places of the past
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What does mean this name ? What is the Kleioscope ?
What places are already virtually accessible ?
How to contribute to the publication of new virtual historic places to visit ?
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Kleïo ???????
For a valuable presentation of our legacy,
offering it to the public the simplest way :
By living the experience !